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Flashcards Mobile Application

Flashcards mobile app developed by SunNet Solutions.

SunNet’s latest mobile application accomplishment was to develop an educational training tool for the TExES certification exam. This tool is a flash card app that not only shows the definition of relevant key terms but also provides you with examples of how they’re used in the educational context. At times it even shows how these words are presented in a real test question and let you answer it, score it, and explains every answer choice – correct and incorrect. If you don’t know what certain words mean in an educational context, they can be “stopper words” for you in the TExESTM certification exam. The keywords in this Flashcards app – hundreds of them – come directly from the TExESTM state manual so you know you’re studying for the real thing.


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    Encourage learning on-the-go

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    Reach out to distant learners

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    Keep track of progress improvement

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    Makes repetitive learning fast and fun