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Shell Pipeline – Case Study

Capline is a pipeline management web application for Shell.

Shell Pipeline was looking for a way to eliminate the challenges it often faced when sharing crude oil data with its venture partners, as required by regulators. Its standard process was for an external testing lab to email assay testing results to Shell personnel. Once the results were received at Shell, data would be manually entered into Excel files and then emailed to whoever requested it. Information was often outdated by the time it was released, as it typically would take three months to distribute assay results from the time the crude oil was originally tested. The process of emailing back and forth, and using Excel to generate reports was labor intensive and prone to errors caused by inevitable manual data transfer mistakes.

myDataIQ streamlined Shell Pipeline’s process of transferring and publishing assay results. After the system was implemented, Shell’s external lab partner could now enter assay analysis results directly into the online system, or automatically export crude oil data from its laboratory information management software system (LIMS) into myDataIQ. Once myDataIQ receives data, it sends an automated email notification to Shell users. Once notification is received, Shell users can log in to review assay information and automatically generated graphic reports. Once the information and reports are approved, they are immediately published onto Shell Pipeline’s Capline Website.

This process has saved Shell Pipeline vast amounts of time and helped to expedite workflow. myDataIQ has reduced manpower, increased data accuracy, and allowed users to view real-time crude oil test results anytime and anywhere. The public Website also offers search features that allow users to research and analyze historical records, an option not available in the previous method of emailing Excel files.

myDataIQ has received excellent feedback from Shell and its external partners. Visit Shell Pipeline’s Capline Website for more details.