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Blackberry Smartphone Development Company - Houston, Texas

Blackberry Mobile App/ Application Development

BlackBerry is perhaps the most well known provider of Smartphones in the U.S. Their Smartphones afford users plenty of ways to stay connected via email, instant messaging and social networking functionalities.

These Smartphones often have built-in video-cameras, a whole host of multi-media features and a GPS system. One of their most attractive qualities is that they offer more intuitive navigation features such as a trackball for scrolling, and either a QWERTY style keyboard or SureType technology.

Blackberrys are also highly customizable and support many of the leading email platforms, allowing them to meet the demands of both individuals and large corporate enterprises.

As Blackberry Smartphones only support Java SDK 1.4 or 1.5 on the Java platform – all your mobile activities are conducted in a highly secure environment. SunNet’s development staff is very experienced with Java platforms and can help design custom Java applications that suit your needs.

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