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WinForm Application Development - Houston, Texas

Award-Winning WinForms Design

Modern UI Delivers Ease of Use and Uncompromising Performance

WinForms (also known as Windows Forms) is a tool used in the development of applications for Windows-based computers. In contrast with web applications that are executed within a browser, WinForm applications are executed as an application installed on the end-user’s computer and offers greater flexibility with respects to content access. WinForms provides a modern UI with exceptional performance and unsurpassed end-user capabilities.

When should you choose a WinForms application instead of a web application?

There are a few important points to consider when determining whether a WinForms application will best serve your business needs:

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    Strengths: WinForm applications provide faster performance than web applications and are easier to build. Since WinForm applications resides on the individual client machines, risk of downtime for your entire business group is not an issue. If one client machine goes down, the other users are not affected. A web application, on the other hand, resides on a web server. So if the web server goes down, all users are down, impacting productivity. Therefore, the robustness and reliability of WinForm applications are a major advantage.

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    Limitations: Deployment and maintenance is more complex for a WinForms application. Whereas deployment of a web application is transparent to the end user, deployment of a WinForms application requires installation of all the required files on each client machine as well as the required version of .NET framework and other library files. If there is a catastrophic failure, user interaction will be required, whereas a web application generally does not require user interaction to address issues. For these reasons, it is important to partner with an experienced IT company to ensure a successful deployment among your user community.

SunNet has the technical expertise and know-how to fully leverage this technology. As an example, we have designed the following WinForm projects:

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    Management and Reporting System – Pipeline Manufacturing Company: The system enables our client to manage sales, products, and customer information as an automated process as well as quickly generate invoices and reports. The result is improved visibility into their business and greater efficiency.

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    Railroad Fleet Management System – Railroad Fleet Management Company: The system enables our client to track the leasing, management, billing and operation of 3,000 railroad tank and covered hopper cars. External users are also able to log into the system and view their rail cart’s information in real-time. The system facilitates real-time management of their supply chain logistics, reducing distribution costs and improving customer service.

SunNet Solutions will consult with you to conduct a needs analysis and recommend a solution that will help your business meet its goals. Our proven project management approach ensures a commitment to your complete customer satisfaction.