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Web 2.0 Applications with AJAX - Houston, Texas

Web 2.0 Services with AJAX

AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It has rapidly grown in popularity because it delivers a compelling user experience, but is based on the combination of existing Web standards such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XML and SOAP. AJAX uses the same security model as SSL, and authentication by username and password, or public keys.

AJAX enables very interactive applications. Drag-and-drop capabilities are enhanced by AJAX. There are two sides to implementing drag-and-drop: the visual created with HTML, and the application’s technical design. AJAX updates just the areas of the page where the drag-and-drop occurs.

You can also update portions of the screen from the server by keeping a connection to the server open, or by having the browser poll the server for updates. The result is a display that shows the user the latest information quickly, without the disruption of the entire screen being redrawn.

To add AJAX to your application, you can take advantage of our team of experts in new Web application technologies.