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Web Application Services - Houston, Texas

Web Application Services for your Business

Web application services are executable application components linked dynamically over the network with open standards. Typically, Web services solutions make use of software components that employ one or more of the following XML standards – SOAP, WSDL or UDDI.

Our Web services solutions resolve many reoccurring business issues – from delivering information between applications in disparate environments, to enabling the cost-effective reuse of existing technological assets.

Web application services solutions have emerged as catalysts for Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), the next generation architectural model that extends the flexibility and reach of existing IT infrastructure in enterprises. SOA brings many organizational benefits, including:

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    Flexibility due to separation of interfaces and implementations, enhanced reuse in terms of shared services across multiple applications, business models and geographies

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    Interoperability leading to automation of application to application communication

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    Preservation of original investment

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    Control in the hands of business stakeholders instead of IT stakeholders, due to contractual aspects of other IT implementations

In addition to the above, Web application services provide certain advantages due to standardization and virtualization. Key advantages include:

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    Cost-effective integration of applications compared to conventional EAI solutions

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    Platform neutrality make Web services the ideal choice for data and information collection from diverse sources across enterprises

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    Enablement of cross-enterprise business processes

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    Forming the basis for futuristic enterprise IT trends like grid computing, pervasive computing and Business Process Management (BPM)