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Complimentary 10-Hour Consultation Package

We understand you have business goals to meet and challenges that you would like to have resolved through technology. SunNet is here to support you from start to finish. We can help you find a smart way to grow your business as well as reach the highest efficiency, improving your bottom line. We have designed a complimentary 10-hour consultation package to help organizations like yours, looking to improve their business by improving their workflow, processes and procedures. The goal of this package is to help you find the right strategy to effectively reach your business goals through technologies.

2 Hours

SunNet and Your Company

Understand your business goals and challenges

  • Introduction and overview of your company goals and challenges
  • Review your business background and processes
  • Guide you through the full process and outline what kind of information is needed before proceeding with development
  • Learn your company’s current hardware setup and technical requirements
  • Identify the “Need” and prioritize

3 Hours


Analyze and assess gathered information

  • Review and analyze information collected during initial meeting (follow up questions may be sent for further clarification)
  • Map out all possible solutions

1 Hour

SunNet and your Company

In-depth follow up meeting

  • Review all possible solutions
  • Confirm goal and solutions are aligned

3 Hours


Team Discussion (SunNet Internal)

  • Generate plans for each solution
  • Create Proposal based on each solution

1 Hour

SunNet and your Company


  • Present proposal