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Digital Transformation, Reinventing Education Quality Management

We now live in an age where technology exists everywhere and our world has rapidly changed with it. New innovations are created every day to make our lives easier. The education industry is no exception. Technology is being used to enhance education, especially children’s education, to track their development and help progress their development. In this article, we will explore some of the digital transformation technologies, including intelligent online assessment and reporting, to demonstrate the potential impacts it can have when it complements their outlined processes. Furthermore, how it effectively increases the quality of education by monitoring, guiding, self-learning, and improving.

improve Education Quality

Monitoring students’ developmental progress, teachers’ performance, and school environments. Through online assessments, users can create different types of electronic exams to assess students. The exams results are kept within the application for teachers, students, school, and parents to conveniently access at any time. They simply search for the exam and the students’ name to look up specific results, rather than sifting through piles of paper for just one student. It performs such tasks on a very detailed level for all multiple classes or subjects. Furthermore, one can also have the ability to design online assessments to perform evaluations on teachers, as well as the school’s learning environments and facilities’ safety.

Provides “smart” guidance based on the assessments’ results. Taking the assessment function even further, after collecting the results, the application can even allow teachers and parents to pick out sets of specific exercises that focus on the areas in which the students are struggling in. It sets a standard for teachers to become aware of any extra attention their students may need, thus help guide their teaching efforts. Schools can also be evaluated. It can provide a list of activities to improve the areas that scored below satisfactory in their assessments. With digital transformation, student, teachers, and schools can easily be monitored, tracked, and guided toward improvements.

A report function is necessary in almost every software application nowadays. It is also important to have the capability to customize any report to fit your various needs. While reports can help a teacher track the entire class’s for the big picture it could also be extremely beneficial to track each individual’s progress as mentioned above. Reports can help schools have an overview of teachers, classes, and even different location and branches and compare the results.

Data analysis is crucial for self-learning and improvement. The ultimate goal is to help students, teachers, and schools learn from their assessment results and provide meaningful suggestions to refine or improve their existing processes. Making these corrective changes help education providers and researchers in the long run by increasing efficiency and feedback. This is a critical piece of the digital transformation mission. People often underestimate the value of their statistical data and leave it alone, only saving it solely for audit purposes. In truth, this data is one of the most valuable information for education providers wanting to build their organizational programs and enhance their long-term business growth. Without doing so, there is a huge missing piece in the puzzle and the cycle will never reach its full potential.

This is just one particular illustration of how an industry can use technology to support and improve education improvement and management process. You can subscribe our newsletter, we will share more important information about Education’s Digital Transformation in the near future.


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