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  • On Oct. 1, 2013 first launched and promptly crashed two hours later. A mere 6 people nationwide enrolled in the health care plan that day. The final budget was an astounding $1.7B (initially estimated to cost $93.7M). Various media outlets and analysts attempted to provide reasons for the failure.
  • Organizations that invest in a learning management system, or LMS, have a powerful tool at their disposal. These systems, like Moodle, are flexible and configurable. However, having a system that can be customized to meet a company’s needs comes with challenges. These systems require knowledgeable resources to maintain, secure, and enhance the application to get the most value from it.
  • The intent of the internet was to democratize information, making news, data, and vast amounts of knowledge available to everyone, everywhere.
  • Companies face regulations and laws on all sides. External entities want companies to prove they are protecting customers and the world around them to a set of defined standards. Internal employees want the organization to show they take their employment and the working environment seriously. And still other businesses must adhere to strict regulations imposed because of the industries they work in.
  • Today’s businesses, regardless of industry, are dependent on technology. From Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to back-office systems like accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), companies rely on technology to keep them up and running well.
  • When a company first starts up, early employees work long and furious hours getting the business going. Data and documents are easily tracked and shared between departments and stakeholders, if for no other reason than because the other so-called department is the person sitting next to you.
  • Many businesses believe that once their application is developed and deployed, it only needs to be touched if they desire new features. This view, however, doesn’t take into account the many facets of application maintenance, and how it can help improve the user experience or even prevent a data breach.
  • Cyber attacks are on the rise. According to the BDO Cyber Governance Survey, attacks grew significantly in 2018. How significantly? Ransomware attacks grew by 350% while spoofing attacks went up 250%.
  • Technology is always evolving and with that, so should our systems. The modernization of a system is the process of evolving restrictive, legacy technologies to modern technologies while keeping the original business logic and data. Although it may seem like a significant investment (both time and monetary) at first, you will see benefits in the long run. Below is a list of a few common benefits.
  • As your business grows and competition gets tougher, many organizations look harder for ways to lower operation costs to remain competitive. As a company specializing in web applications and business efficiency, we recommend checking your organization in the following areas as a starting point. These are a few places where you can cut costs without compromising the quality of your goods and services.
  • Business capacity can easily be increased if work progress is tracked through a good software application. Why? It is sometimes a struggle to follow complicated processes, remember multitude of tasks that need to be completed, and on top of that, many deadlines to keep track of. As a result, we continually fix problems through a broken process. A streamlined software application is an effective tool to help people to address these challenges.
  • According a report from The Standish Group Chaos Report, only 29% of IT projects are successfully implemented. While the success rate of such projects seems daunting, embarking on a custom software project does not have to be scary and stressful. Having a mature creation process in place is an effected way to minimize the risk of failure. Furthermore, properly communicating this process to all parties involved in the project will put you at a great advantage. The right software vendor will be able to guide you and your team through the steps and expectations of the project cycle.
  • You've come up with a great idea for a software that can prove to be very beneficial to your business, but now what? What steps do you take to turn this idea into reality? What kind of information do software development companies look for? These are all very common concerns. The first step is mapping out a scope and putting it on paper. We have complied a list of questions that will further help you develop your idea and put you at a great start with your software development company.
  • We have all been in a situation where we stayed up working late hours on a project-- numerous files and documents saved-- only to come back to discover the files are now missing. Maybe they were accidentally deleted, your hard drive crashed, or your laptop was stolen. If your business is utilizing cloud-computing for backups, then this situation is an easy stress-free fix. If you are not utilizing cloud backups, your hard work is now potentially lost forever.
  • As a business owner, you go through many decisions regarding your business’s direction. One of them might be related to software for your company’s day to day business. Should you invest in custom software or go with commercial?
  • Thinking about building a mobile app to showcase your latest idea? Want a mobile app to complement your website? Continue reading to find out the 5 steps you need to take before building a mobile application.
  • On average, respondents manage $200 million in projects each year, of which approximately 37 percent are “at risk.”A study by project management consulting company, PM Solutions, identifies top causes of IT failure
  • With over 10 years of experience in developing dynamic web application solutions for businesses, we have incorporated several steps that help us ensure your project’s quality and deliverables, and focus the emphasis on Building the Right Product for the customer.
  • Many cyber-attacks succeed because of weak passwords. All equipment, wireless networks and sensitive data should be guarded with user names and passwords. The strongest passwords contain numbers, letters and symbols. Consider implementing a regular password update rule.
  • Are you unsure what your business needs are when it comes to hosting your data? When trying to make a decision between a cloud server or an in-house dedicated server, there are several items you need to consider.
  • Starting a custom software project can be a daunting task especially if you’ve never done one before. Understanding what to look for can help facilitate your search for the company that will best fit your needs. Selecting the right company will have an enormous impact on the success of your project. Following these tips will help you select a company that’s qualified, thorough, and capable of providing the end result you need at a fair and accurate price.
  • An Effort To Keep The Weekly Project Meetings Fresh And Informative
  • Its Monday, and what a weekend! You ended up flying back home from one of your projects on Saturday afternoon. You could not catch a flight back home Friday night (your Friday off – by the way), because you could not get finished with all you needed to, until it was too late to even catch the last flight out. Oh, well it’s not the first time that’s happened; just part of the job.
  • Corrosion personnel were probably one of the first groups, if not the first in the maintenance crews to develop and use databases to compile data collected during their field surveys. They would use these databases to later analyze, and make several determinations; from checking the current protection status of their systems, forecasting future needs, and even to demonstrate why improvements may be needed, and later use them to assist in developing annual budgets, upgrades or repair estimates.
  • On July 23rd SunNet attended the Railroad Commission of Texas, Pipeline Safety Division’s Workshop concerning House Bill 2982 (HB 2982) held in Rockport, Texas. The Workshop consisted primarily of a presentation given by Polly McDaniel, Pipeline Safety Division’s Director with a follow-up of questions and answers. The following is our brief take-away from that session, and how we may be able to help those operators who will be involved by its implementation on September, 2015.
  • Holiday is just around the corner and the best deals on laptops are coming along with it! To some people making a purchase decision seem to be a real difficult task, with all those different choices out there, it is hard to tell which laptop to get without any experience. Here we can help you by breaking the process down into series of questions, by answering them, you will be able to make the right choice today.
  • Is your computer taking too long to start up? Here’s a tip that may help speed up your PC’s boot up time.
  • Dust build up plays a part in messing up your computer. Dust gets trapped and can greatly affect the way our computer behaves
  • The drastic rise in phishing (online account theft) over the last year is an unfortunate reminder that it’s all too easy for thieves to steal your identity on the Internet – gaining access to your bank, email and other personal accounts.
  • Many companies store all their data in one central location. The problem is, if something were to happen to that server, all your data could be lost – forever. Imagine the devastation that would do to your business. Backup options such as using a remote database can keep you running – even when the original server isn’t.
  • Many businesses have problems managing sales leads and customer information, which often leads to operational issues such as:
  • Having a Website for any business is a neccessity these days. Here is a good guide to how to get started in the Website development process. It also includes a good deal of valuable information on how to integrate online shopping with your Website.
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