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Help Your Desktop PC Run Faster by Keeping it Clean.

Dust build up plays a part in messing up your computer. Dust gets trapped and can greatly affect the way our computer behaves

Dust can cause the following to happen to your desktop computer:

  • Cause heat buildup on CPUs
  • Clog up the fan and cause it to run slower and become less efficient
  • Cause an electrical shortage and a burned-out motherboard.

So what’s the solution?

Buy yourself a can of aerosol dust spray and get a damp cloth. Next, unplug your PC from the power source and take off the side panel.

Take the can of aerosol dust spray and blow out the dust. Every couple of seconds take the cloth and wipe the dust.

By cleaning your computer twice a year, you can lower the operating temperature of your CPU and help your PC run faster and better.