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Protect the Security of Your Data

Many companies store all their data in one central location. The problem is, if something were to happen to that server, all your data could be lost – forever. Imagine the devastation that would do to your business. Backup options such as using a remote database can keep you running – even when the original server isn’t.

Remote data backup actually has several advantages over other, more traditional methods of backing up data. One advantage to using remote data backup is that the user doesn’t have to do anything. Data is backed up automatically. The data is maintained offsite, so that any natural disaster or other event that damages your main server will not affect the integrity of your information on the remote backup server.

Most remote backup servers use high levels of encryption in order to safely transmit data and offer unlimited preservation of your data. One of the most effective types of remote data backup servers are those that continuously back up files – even as they are being changed.

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