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Unlock Seamless Logins: How to have a frictionless Customer Onboarding: Unlocking the Power of Access Management

Creating accounts can feel like a chore. We've all been there, entering usernames and passwords for yet another system…and then keeping track of the password to log back in. This can be especially frustrating when dealing with systems aimed at a broad audience who already have accounts to multiple systems.

Let us walk you through a case study showcasing how SunNet's OAuth integration simplified client onboarding and access management for a prestigious education client, overcoming typical hurdles. Our client, a leading provider of educational resources, developed a platform designed to help parents, teachers, and school professionals collaborate on a child's development. This platform offers progress monitoring, assessments, and observation tools, all linked to professional development resources and lesson plans. The key to this project success went beyond functionality – we made user adoption a priority. Understanding that the cumbersome signup process could become a barrier to adoption, we wanted to make this process as easy as possible for all of the users.

Unlock Seamless Logins: How to have a frictionless Customer Onboarding: Unlocking the Power of Access Management

Our solution? OAuth integration.

OAuth is an authorization framework that allows users to log in to your platform using their existing credentials from other platforms like Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn. This eliminates the need for users to create new accounts specifically for your client's system.

Our client and their end-users have been delighted with the seamless experience provided by the OAuth integration solution we implemented.

  • Effortless Account Creation: Users can leverage their trusted logins from established platforms, making the signup process smooth and efficient. No more struggling to remember new usernames and passwords.
  • Increased User Base: This user-friendly approach removes a signup barrier, leading to wider adoption of the platform and improved collaboration within the educational community.
  • Convenient Logins: Once signed up, users can access the platform with a single click using their existing credentials, simplifying future logins and encouraging continued use.

OAuth integration is a valuable tool for businesses across industries:

  • Social media marketing: Allow users to easily share and engage with your content using their existing social media accounts.
  • Ecommerce: Streamline the checkout process by allowing users to log in with their existing credentials.
  • Productivity tools: Simplify team collaboration by enabling users to log in to work applications with their existing accounts.

We're excited to present this inspiring success story that highlights how our client unlocked the power of seamless application access for their system users. We believe this case study will provide you with valuable insights. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts is committed to helping businesses achieve new levels of growth and become leaders in their respective industries.

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